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The end is getting near!

May 23, 2011

Ah, some more updates, There wont be that much to write about mostly pictures. Basically its been a  couple of weeks since my last update… yes, I just realized just how many weeks ago it was since I updated this journal. But no matter.

There has been a lot of progress, we only lack a little animation on the goat and  I dare to say thats all we need to say that we are complete with all the CG stuff… NOT! Well, not much else, There is still the intro part that I wish to begin working on asap. Most of the lightning is done, just waiting for that last part of animation just to get it optimized on those shots. I’ve done all the lighting so far, and its difficult and time consuming, A lot more time consuming than I’d anticipate. And I don’t feel its that good either. But its acceptable  for this kind of project. Right now it kinda looks a bit flat since we only just the most basic textures most of the time, and we kinda forgot to put Specular on some (Most) textures, so it kinda looks a bit flat. We have already rendered out 1/3 of the shots. So, I guess that’s the style we are going for.

Currently I’m adjusting the lights (again) in one of the scenes. Hopefully done this evening, so that tomorrow I can begin working on the intro /ending shot, which will be all made in After effects I hope. Except certain elements, like the tower/smoke. My plan is to render out the tower, have it as a plate and comp in elements that will be in the shot and make a camera in after effects – basically. I haven’t really done it before but I think I can pull if off – reading it now, that doesn’t sound very promising giving the time left. But i have some experience with After effects.

Hmm, Now over to my thoughts about the time we have left, two weeks I think. In worst case scenario we might have to ask for one more week. We have one guy who works on the sound, one guy who works on finishing off the particles and does the rendering and he’s soon done with the particles – just a bit of smoke left. One guy who is animating the goat done, I think he’s got a couple shots left, not so much. And me who is adjusting lights and gonna get the intro shot done, and I’ll start to comp the shots as soon as they a done I think. So gotta work a bit between those this week.

We are rendering out in 1280×720 and using render elements so we get it out in its basic components, and comp it so we can do some changes if we like more easily.

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